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I was born in New Delhi, India, and l currently live and work in the United States of America. My work revolves around modernizing the Electric Grid in the American Mid-West and finding innovative paths towards reliable electric power delivery to millions of customers, high levels of energy efficiency in our systems, and a fossil fuel independent future for our world. I am currently researching and implementing Smart-Grid initiatives like self-healing Distribution Automation, intelligent Line Sensor applications, Energy Storage, and Volt-Var Optimization across the states of Indiana and Michigan.


I am a technologist, futurist, and a change leader. One of my main passions is helping non-technical people get past the jargon-y barriers to entry and get access to the incredible world of Science and Technology. The innovations of today will affect everyone tomorrow. My blog - The Futurist Archives - aims to break down complex modern day innovations for the layperson in fun and relatable ways. You can view snippets of my articles below and if they interest you, I welcome you to read the full posts on my blog! I have also been published in Futurism magazine.


Oh, and I also like to paint and draw in my spare time. Art is something very personal to me and it's my escape when I want to relax. A collection of my paintings was recently published in an Indian non-fiction book called - 'If We Meet Again, We Shall Smile'


Join me on my journey to reimagine the world - one idea at a time.

 "No idea is so outlandish that it should not be considered." 
  - Winston Churchill

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Sample Blog Posts

Innovation and Electric Dinosaurs in a Post-Startup World

There is a new breed of Startups in town. Who are they? Your friendly neighborhood hundred-year-old dinosau…ahem…electric utility, of course! Let me explain...

Renewable Energy's Latest Champion - Coffee

It may have the potential to power up more than just humans. Welcome the latest renewable energy tech - Coffee.


Breaching the Final Frontier – Telepathy in the 21st Century

Are you ready for wearable technology that can read your mind? It’s not as crazy as it sounds. Not anymore.


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