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Innovation & Electric Dinosaurs in a Post-Startup World

There is a new breed of Startups in town. Who are they? Your friendly neighborhood hundred-year-old dinosau…ahem…electric utility, of course! Let me explain...

Electric Roads - The Way Forward 



Although Electric Vehicles are the future of transportation, charging one up takes way longer than a classic fill-er-up. Luckily, we might be on the brink of a revolutionary EV charging breakthrough. 

Breaching the Final Frontier – Telepathy in the 21st Century

Are you ready for wearable technology that can read your mind? It’s not as crazy as it sounds. Not anymore.

Electricity+ Bacteria = Dinner?

We may have just come up with a revolutionary solution to tackle the world's hunger problem, and it involves only electricity, water, and bacteria.

Pale Red Dot



On July 16, 1969, Man took "one small step". Is it now time for a giant leap? Can humanity finally have two homes in the Universe?

Renewable Energy’s Latest Champion

It may have the potential to power up more than just humans. Welcome the latest renewable energy tech - Coffee.