"Every science is evolved out of its corresponding art."
- Herbert Spencer

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The futurist archives is a blog I write where I attempt to break down complex technological advancements (that have the potential to change our society as we know it) for the common layperson. I attempt at disseminating information and updates on the tech world to people who would, otherwise, not have access to the amazing innovations and breakthroughs happening around them. It is an ongoing project and one in which I am deeply invested. I especially hope to be able to reach out to as many kids, teenagers I can to try and get them excited about science and technology!

Aggregated Network of Energy Storage

AEP Spark Tank Innovation Challenge

The aim of this project is to create a Virtual Power Plant like linked network of behind-the-meter energy storage units in order to realize benefits of energy aggregation such as Frequency Regulation, Capacity Management, Peak Shaving, Capital Deferral, and vastly increased 'blue-sky' reliability for customers and overall reliability metrics for the company such as SAIDI, SAIFI, etc. The project was declared 2nd place winner out of 600 submissions in American Electric Power's first ever Spark Tank Innovation Challenge. It will now be deployed across AEP's 11 state territory in the coming years.


American Electric Power

My first full-time job is my biggest engineering project - an attempt to modernize the American Mid-West's electric grid (as it relates to the footprint of my company - American Electric Power). I identify, research, assess, and implement Smart Grid initiatives and technologies that I feel will make our electric network more secure, reliable, and efficient.

I work with technologies such as Smart Line Sensors, Distributed Automation, ev2g, Predictive Grid Health Analysis, Volt-Var Optimization, Energy Storage, etc.

Sunbird - Origami Inspired Mini Satellite 

NASA P.S.G.C | Drexel Space Systems Lab | Boeing Corporation

The intention of the “Sunbird” CubeSat project was to develop a small scale, modular array capable of launching with and operating on a cubesat of standard dimensions. Project Sunbird’s goal was to develop this array as a superior alternative to the existing power solution for cubesats (body-mounted panels or telescoping arms). Superiority is achieved via the optimization of size [through the adaptation of Origami-style 'Miura fold' architecture] and volume used vs. power generated. The Sunbird array is attached to cubesats via a small, external space known colloquially as the “hockey puck.” Within this small space, a compact deployment system and solar array is stored with minimal usage of available surface area on the craft.

Human-Adaptable Martian Habitat 

NASA Revolutionary Aerospace Systems Concept - Academic Linkage

This project was Drexel University's 2015 Submission to NASA's Revolutionary Aerospace Systems Concept competion. The project, titled Planitia-Hellas Human Advance Martian Environment (PHAME), intends to support a settlement of 24 dwellers and achieve sustainability by the 40th year of its existence. Given a a flat total NASA budget of $16 Billion a year, this paper derives an architecture that convey a series of missions (campaign) that shows the gradual buildup of capabilities, infrastructure and risk reduction. Plans for In-situ Resource Utilization (ISRU), and developing renewable energy systems are outlined as well.

Dye-Synthesized Solar Cell Research

Drexel Smart House (DSH) | Drexel Thin Films & Devices Lab

This research project was conducted in collaboration with the Drexel Thin Films and Devices Lab and the Drexel Smart House. The goal of the project was to maximize the PV efficiency of Dye-Synthesized Solar Cells (DSSCs) through more precise manufacturing methods. The secondary goal was to develop green-technology household applications for DSSCs such as DSSC lamp shades and window blinds for passive energy generation. Practical testing of DSSC applications was conducted in the ‘Drexel Smart House’ - a green infrastructure initiative by Drexel University.

"This page contains profiles of students from various Universities in Pennsylvania who participated in one of many great programs through Pennsylvania/NASA Space Grant. As you will see, they have gone on to do great things and we are very proud of their accomplishments." 


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